Cirrus Vision Jet 11 coolest features; $2 million personal private jet

  • The Cirrus Vision Jet is one of the latest in a line of personal private jets that are meant to be flown by one pilot. 
  • The $2 million jet offers a slew of cool safety and passenger-friendly features that make flying on it a fun experience, whether as a passenger or pilot.
  • Like all Cirrus aircraft, its top safety feature is a standard-issue parachute to be deployed in case of an engine failure or other dire emergency. 
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The Cirrus Vision Jet is the latest in a new kind of aircraft, personal private jets that are bucking the notion of traditional jet aircraft ownership. 

Intended to be flown by only one pilot, often the owner, these unique aircraft are typically simplified as to not overwork the sole operator. But being easy to use doesn’t mean these jets aren’t packed with cool features that make it fun to fly in for pilots and passengers.

With the cost for a base model hovering around $2 million and maintenance included in the monthly payments, the Vision Jet is opening up jet flying to a new realm of pilots that have the need for speed but not the wallet for expensive jets. The Vision Jet’s distinctive single-engine design also cuts down on operating costs compared to twin-engine jets. 

Nassau Flyers, a high-end flight school on Long Island, recently gave Business Insider a three-leg demonstration flight to learn more about the aircraft and show how it’s ideal for personal post-pandemic travel.  

Take a look at the Vision Jet’s coolest features. 


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