10 best places where your mom can buy you quality socks and underwear

Nothing says love like a fresh pair of socks and underwear from mom. 

But, as with any gift, sometimes the gifter might not get it exactly right. Maybe you’ll get a really ugly pair of socks that would put Justin Trudeau to shame, or maybe you’ll get boxers when you prefer briefs. 

Listen here — you’re an adult — and that means you should be relatively OK with telling your mother that underwear from Wet Seal is not ideal. A gentle nudge in the right direction could do the trick, but if your mother still isn’t getting it, perhaps a little more guidance is needed.

To avoid dealing with any of these awful possibilities, we’ve come up with a lovely list of stores that sell high quality socks and undies. Most of these stores are online, and they have an exceptional list of options that you can easily link to so your mom so she doesn’t make any mistakes.

Men's Optical Stripe Crew Socks and Women's Large Polka Dot Crew Socks from Hotsox

Image: Hotsox / Mashable Composite

You’ll be the envy of all of your friends and coworkers with a pair of snazzy socks from Hot Sox. The Men’s Optical Strip Crew Sock is a pretty solid pattern that you can wear in and out of the office, and you can’t go wrong with the Women’s Large Polka Dot Crew Sock. 

If you’re not a fan of these options, Hot Sox has plenty of more socks and patterns that will make a solid gift. If you’re trying to look professional, just make sure to tell mom to avoid any of the weird husky or narwhal prints — unless you’re into that, of course.

Price: $12.00 for Men’s Optical Stripe Crew Sock and  $6.00 for Women’s Large Polka Dot Crew Socks

Ultra-Lightweight Microfiber and Tulle Triangle Bra and Tie Print Stretch-Cotton Boxers from Intimissimi

Image: Intimissimi / Mashable Composite

Underwear can be tricky to navigate with mom, especially if you’re into some more risqué options. But if we’re being practical here, the Ultra-Lightweight Microfiber and Tulle Triangle Bra and Tie Print Stretch-Cotton Boxers from Intimissimi are good places to start.

Aside from bras and boxers, Intimissimi offers a wide variety of underwear and that might work better for you. Just make sure to tell mom what size you are because no one likes uncomfortable underwear.

Price: $49.00 for Ultra-Lightweight Microfiber and Tulle Triangle Bra and $22.00 for Tie Print Stretch-Cotton Boxers

Men's Twisted Smile Socks and Women's Cactus Socks from Happy Socks.

Image: Happy Socks / Mashable Composite

Happy is exactly how you’re going to feel when you get these socks. The Men’s Twisted Smile Sock and Women’s Cactus Socks from Happy Socks are just two examples of the dozens of amazing patterns this store offers.

With so many cute and fun patterns to choose from, mom will have a blast trying to find the perfect match for you. 

Price: $12.00 for Men’s Twisted Smile Socks and $12.00 for Women’s Cactus Socks

Men's Jellies Briefs and Women's Life's A Peach Bikini from Me Undies

Image: Me undies / Mashable composite

I’m here for cute underwear, always, and you should be too! The Men’s Jellies Briefs and Women’s Life’s A Peach Bikini underwear from MeUndies look absolutely comfortable, stylish, and adorable.

While you might wonder if it’s weird for mom to get you a pair of kitschy underwear, she will probably be too stunned by how delightful the underwear looks. Just be sure to let her know that if she wants to explore different options, she should click on “Classic,” Bold,” or “Adventurous” tabs next to the style of underwear to get to the fun stuff. Otherwise she’ll be looking at plain, black underwear, which, hey, might be your thing. 

Price: $24.00 for Men’s Jellies Briefs and $18.00 for Women’s Life’s A Peach Bikini 

Men's Burger Crew Socks and Women's Tour de Neighborhood Knee Socks from Sock it to Me

Image: sock it to me / mashable composite

Sock it to Me can literally hit me in the face and stuff my mouth with the Men’s Burger Crew Socks because they’re just great. But the Women’s Tour de Neighborhood Knee Socks are also pretty cute too, so I’m torn. 

If you’re feeling this way, or want more styles and patterns to choose from, definitely take a look before sending this site to mom. She might get lost on here just looking at the zillions of choices.

Price: $11.50 for Men’s Burger Crew Socks and $12.00 for Women’s Tour de Neighborhood Knee Socks

Men's Commodore Blue Evolution Micro Boxer Brief and Women's Lyria Blue Seductive Comfort Lace Lift Demi Bra from Calvin Klein.

Image: Calvin Klein / Mashable Composite

Remember when the Biebs promoted Calvin Klein? God, that was a mess wasn’t it? Well, thankfully the underwear available at this well-known brand is top quality, and makes for a perfect gift to yourself, from mom.

There are a ton of underwear to choose from in Calvin Klein’s online store, so the Men’s Commodore Blue Evolution Micro Boxer Brief, and the Women’s Lyria Blue Seductive Comfort Lace Lift Demi Bra are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Price: $30.00 for Men’s Commodore Blue Evolution Micro Boxer Brief and $48.00 for Women’s Lyria Blue Seductive Comfort Lace Lift Demi Bra 

Men's Shade Socks and Women's Just Dandy Everyday Socks from Socks by Stance

Image: socks by stance / mashable composite

Socks by Stance is a fancy sock place. Not fancy in the sense that you won’t be able to afford it, but just look at the Men’s Shade Socks and the Women’s Just Dandy Everyday Socks. 

From Star Wars, to Hello Kitty, you and your mother will absolutely have a hard time deciding which brands, style, and patterns of socks are meant for you.  

Price: $14.00 for Men’s Shade Socks and $14.00 for Women’s Just Dandy Everyday Socks

Island Blue Iconic Briefs and 4.5" Next Gen Magenta Trunks from TomboyX

Image: Tomboyx / mashable composite

Being one the very few gender-neutral underwear brands, TomboyX is out here to make boxers, briefs, bikinis, trunks, and all the other styles of undergarments available for all body types, regardless of gender.

For those who identify as gender neutral, exploring your identity, or want to try something new, the Island Blue Iconic Briefs or the Next Gen Magenta Trunks are a great place to start. But, like with any brand, there are always plenty of options. Any piece of underwear from this store also makes for a nice gift from mom.

Price: $18.00 for Island Blue Iconic Briefs and $25.00 for Next Gen Magenta Trunks

Men's Evergreen Navy Merino Wool Socks and Women's Aster Purple Lightweight Crew Sock from Bombas

Image: Bombas / mashable composite

The name of this brand apparently derives from the Latin word for “bumblebee,” and like these precious creatures, they’re here to make the world a better place. For every pair of socks you purchase, the brand donates a pair to a homeless shelter.

The Men’s Evergreen Navy Merino Wool Socks and the Women’s Aster Purple Lightweight Crew Socks make for a comfy and practical pair socks that go with most outfits. 

Price: $18.00 for Men’s Evergreen Navy Merino Wool Socks and $14.00 for Women’s Aster Purple Lightweight Crew Sock

Men's Green/Patterned Boxer Shorts and Women's Light Beige Microfiber T-Shirt Bra from H&M

Image: H&M / Mashable Composite

H&M is another major clothing brand that actually carries some pretty solid underwear. While some of the options might not be high fashion, a pack of three Men’s Green/Patterned Boxer Shorts or a Women’s Light Beige Microfiber T-Shirt Bra are a good investment.

H&M offers such a huge variety of underwear styles, and the cost is relatively cheap compared to other places. So if you’re looking to get a lot bang for your buck, definitely tell mom to take a look at some of the many options that are available online.  

Price: $17.99 for Men’s Green/Patterned Boxer Shorts and $17.99 for Women’s Light Beige Microfiber T-Shirt Bra

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