Best back-to-school sales this week: iPad, Bose, Keurig

We’ve officially made it to August, which means it’s time to get cracking on those looming back-to-school supplies lists. Whether yours includes mostly basics like pens and notebooks or you require more advanced stuff like a laptop or tablet, you definitely don’t need to be paying full price.

We’re here to help you ease into the new school year with some extra cash in your pocket. We’ve scoured online retailers to find the best sales on back-to-school supplies, tech, and dorm essentials.

Check back weekly as we update these deals every Monday.


You can’t start the school year without checking off the items on your back-to-school supplies list. There are the things that everyone knows they need, like pens and a backpack, but have you thought about getting a reusable notebook that benefits both the environment and your wallet? Or what about an umbrella for rainy walks to campus? We’ve got you covered on all fronts.


It’s near impossible to do homework without some sort of technology anymore. Tablets and laptops have become essential school supplies, but don’t worry about them costing an arm and a leg — we found some at some pretty sweet discounted prices. We also found some other back-to-school tech on sale, including an Apple Watch, Kindle e-reader, and Bose noise-canceling headphones. 


Stocking the tiny place you’re going to live for the next nine months might seem like a daunting task when you want it to feel like home, but you don’t want to make any big investments. There are some essential items you need to make yourself forget you’re living in crappy campus housing (unless your school’s dorms are nice, then kudos to you). You don’t have to spend your entire dining plan on coffee when you can buy a personal coffee maker instead, and you definitely don’t have to sleep on the rock hard, plastic dorm beds when mattress toppers exist.


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