Google Pixel 3a XL, Sony wireless noise cancelling headphones, and more for May 18


Starting your gift hunt early? is currently offering Google’s brand new smartphone for $479.00, which comes with a free $100 gift card. Saving you 17% than buying separately. Making this an excellent gift for your dad.

In the market for a different type of tech? Sony’s premium noise canceling wireless headphones is on sale at for as low as $279, or get the refurbished console for $249.99 after GC30 code.

Check out more of today’s best deals from , , , , , , and for Saturday, May 18:

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$80.99 OFF (25%)


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$25 OFF (42%)



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$400 OFF (12%)


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$20.00 OFF (50%)



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$696 OFF (52%)


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$150.99 OFF (50%)



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