Online project management training that can help boost your career

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Project management is an important job — learn how to do it well.
Project management is an important job — learn how to do it well.

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The reality show Shark Tank doesn’t paint a complete picture of all of the intricacies of running a business but it does give you an idea of what project managers do in real life.

Appointed PMs are in charge of overseeing the entire production cycle, and it’s their neck that’s usually on the line if something goes haywire. They’re also often the first people to get the boot since they fail to propel their teams to success.

The sheer amount of responsibility put on the shoulders of project managers is what makes them in-demand in the real world. Companies pay top dollar to professionals who are adept at producing deliverables accurately, on time, and within the budget.

If you want to try your hand at project management, the different types of online training below could help you score a lucrative PM gig. 

This training package leaves no stone unturned. It boasts 11 courses to get you up to speed with the project management essentials including JIRA, Kanban, and Agile. It will even help you prep for the essential certification exams like PMI and Scrum.

Usually $2,189, you can get lifetime access to this bundle today for only $29 — a savings of 98%.

A considerable part of a PM’s responsibility is mitigating risks and minimizing errors in production. In this bundle, you’ll get acquainted with Total Quality Management (TQM), an approach focused on improving processes. It also includes primers on renowned PM methodologies including Lean and Lean Six Sigma.

Usually $2100, you can get lifetime access to this bundle today for only $29 — a savings of 98%.

MS Project is a powerful software that enables you to plan, track, manage, and analyze multiple projects. This two-pronged bundle is designed to turn you into a power user, arming you with the skills to see projects through their completion using the program.

Usually $690, you can get lifetime access to this bundle for only $19.99 — a savings of 97%.

Across three extensive courses, this bundle will help you gain mastery in Agile Project Management, an iterative management approach that focuses on identifying defects in a workflow. Prepare to be familiarized Agile methodologies, tools, and techniques, as well as learn how to execute them in your organization.

Usually $750, you can get lifetime access to this bundle today for only $39 — a savings of 94%.

Arguably the most popular project management methodology, Lean Six Sigma hinges on a collaborative team effort to achieve peak efficiency. This bundle is aimed at training you to master the approach so you can become an effective and sought after project manager.

Usually $2299, you can get lifetime access to this bundle today for only $69 — a savings of 96%.

With nine courses and over 100 hours of expert-led instruction, expect to walk away as sought after certified project manager after completing the training. The bundle covers everything from the fundamentals of project management to tested and proven PM processes to even Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) practices.

Usually $2691, you can get lifetime access to this bundle for only $49 — a savings of 98%.

Accredited and verified as a legitimate project management training provider by the Project Management Institute (PMI), RedVector features hundreds of PM-centric courses that will help you gain contact hours for project management certifications. If you’re training to become a certified PM, it’s a great addition to your learning resources. Expect to develop your knowledge in scope, time, and HR management through the courses provided, and gain the hours required to renew PMP certifications or sit for the tests.

Usually $199, you can grab a 1-year subscription to RedVector for only $99 — a savings of 50%.


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