The best UK deals for Friday

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Here they are in all their glory.
Here they are in all their glory.

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We are now less than two weeks away from Valentine’s Day and that means you are running out of time to grab a killer gift. Do not panic however because we have tracked down the deals to make your Valentine’s dreams come true.

We have the best deals on classic gifts like fragrances and jewellery, with the chance to save over £100. Just don’t go bragging too much about how much money you saved on the gift. Probably best to keep that to yourself. 

We have also found deals on less traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, like TVs. That’s really a gift for you and your partner, so everybody wins. We have tracked down deals on major brands like Samsung, LG, and Philips, including an absolutely massive saving on the Philips 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD OLED TV with Android Smart TV. This is reduced to just £999 from £2000.

Elsewhere in this round up we have sourced the best deals for the real love of your life — your pet. You can pick up an 84 pack of Whiskas 1+ cat food pouches for £15.49, a Wildlife World solitary bee hive for under £20, and a Wildlife World camera-ready nestbox with camera for under £100.

These are the best deals from across the internet for Feb. 1.

Fragrance offers

Your chance to pick up some big savings on fragrances.

Your chance to pick up some big savings on fragrances.

Jewellery deals

You can always fall back on jewellery.

You can always fall back on jewellery.

Pet supplies

Bees need our help.

Bees need our help.

TV deals

Reduced from £2000 to £999.

Reduced from £2000 to £999.

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