Cuyana Body collection review: 4 women try the new bodysuits

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  • Cuyana bucks the fashion industry’s template of short-term trends by only making “fewer, better” staples that are built to last.
  • The company first gained fanfare for its affordable, high-end leather bags
  • Now, the startup has a “Body” collection ($65-$95) of seamless, super-soft wardrobe essentials: bodysuits and bodywear pieces built to go from the office to the weekend and anywhere in between.
  • The line includes leggings ($95), long shorts ($65), two tanks ($75) and long sleeve ($85) bodysuits. Below, we review Cuyana Body collection in real life. You can also shop it directly here.
  • If you’d like to give back, select “Lean Closet” at checkout. Cuyana will send you a linen bag to fill with donations for victims of abuse and mail back with the included shipping label. For every donation you make, you get $10 credit towards your next Cuyana purchase.

If you’ve heard of — or shopped at — Cuyana, odds are good that you’re familiar with the company’s mission statement of “fewer, better.” It’s the same clean, preened idea that’s urging Americans to “KonMari” their apartments (which has subsequently overwhelmed the nation’s thrift stores). In the Marie Kondo methodology, if it doesn’t spark joy, you donate it. In the Cuyana way, if it’s not a precise, beautifully made wardrobe staple you’ll be sad to replace one day, you don’t buy it. It’s that simple. (Unsurprisingly, Cuyana has partnered with Kondo on capsules in the past).

Cuyana has made its name doing exactly this: manufacturing an entire line of the best basics you’ll ever own — or so they hope. The staples are timeless, but sleek silhouettes, carefully chosen fabrics, and minute attention to detail make them all feel modern. 

Now, the company has soft, seamless bodywear to its lineup. The “Body” collection includes leggings ($95), long shorts ($65), and bodysuits in a classic scoop tank ($75), cross-back tank ($75), and long sleeve ($85).

It may seem like an unusual move for those who know Cuyana exclusively for their affordable, high-end leather bags, but, under the lean closet ethos, it’s a perfect extension. 

Cuyana’s Co-Founder and CXO, Shilpa Shah, elaborated.

“We designed the collection with the same ‘fewer, better’ philosophy that’s behind everything we do … Our bodysuits are durable, yet streamlined and soft, and designed for maximum comfort. It was important that [they] be forgiving and contour the body to enhance a woman’s natural curves. They’re incredibly versatile and can easily be worn from day to night whether under a blazer for work or with jeans for a casual weekend look … Each Cuyana piece is designed to create confidence and ease for women.” 

In other words, they’re meant to be the soft, supportive, shape-shifting workhorses of the modern feminine wardrobe. They likely won’t receive fanfare from others unless they’re put underneath a microscope at happy hour, but they’ll probably win your own private fanfare as the staple you’re happy to default to.

To see how they held up in person (especially for $65-$95), we tested out a few bodysuits from the collection in our own lives. Altogether, we appreciated the super soft stretch polyamide material, the feminine but classic cuts, and the versatility. The non-adjustable straps weren’t perfect for everyone on the team, but the material and precision were worth noting.

Shop the Cuyana Body Collection directly here. Read on for personal reviews of the bodysuits:


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