Cyprus travel advice change and what it means for Brits with holidays booked

Cyprus has been removed from the UK’s travel corridors in a fresh blow for holidaymakers.

This means that any Brits returning from the holiday hotspot after 4am on Sunday 1st November 2020 will be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps announced the latest changes, which also see Lithuania removed from the list.

Cyprus had continued to be a popular destination of choice for Brits during the pandemic who wanted to get away for some sunshine.

Along the travel corridor update, the FCDO now advises against all non-essential travel to Cyprus – but what does this mean if you have a holiday booked?

Landa Beach

If you’re already on holiday, you can finish your trip as planned – but if you get back after 4am on Sunday 1st November, you’ll need to quarantine for 14 days.

If you’re due to travel within the next few weeks, unfortunately, your trip is essentially cancelled – and even if you did want to go abroad, your travel insurance is now void because the Foreign Office advises against travel there.

Getting your money back will depend on the type of holiday you booked.

For example, package holidays are usually cancelled by the travel firm or travel agent. Usually, you’ll be offered options including re-booking, vouchers for future holidays, or a full cash refund.

If you booked flights only, it will depend on whether your airline cancels the flights – during the pandemic, some are still operating the services, in which case your flight isn’t officially ‘cancelled’ and so you’re not entitled to a refund. However, most airlines will still offer you the option to amend your booking for free.

Booked flights and a hotel separately? Get in touch with both your airline and accommodation. Whether you get a refund or not will depend on your booking policy – check this before you get in touch. If you can’t get a refund, usually companies have been willing to find a compromise such as re-booking or accepting vouchers for future trips.

You can read more in our wider FCDO travel advice guide – including what your travel insurer may or may not cover you for.


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