Day in the life of an entrepreneur who ferries clients’ stuff from the Hamptons to NYC

  • Danielle Candela founded Tote Taxi three years ago. The company shuttles deliveries back and forth between New York City and the Hamptons.
  • This year, demand started earlier as the pandemic prompted people headed for the Hamptons months ahead of schedule.
  • The pandemic has also caused her to expand her brand geographically: She now operates in Greenwich, Connecticut and Westchester, New York.
  • Business Insider caught up with Candela to find out how the 30-year-old entrepreneur spends her busy days.
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Danielle Candela is the owner and operator of Tote Taxi. Part personal assistant, part chauffeur, her three-year-old firm is based in Southampton, New York. It focuses on shuttling deliveries back and forth between the Hamptons and New York City. The 30-year old grew up in the area, but was living and working in Manhattan when she came up with the idea, tired of hauling her bags back and forth when visiting her parents. 

Tote Taxi operates year-round, with the bulk of summer business focused on taking items from Manhattan to the Hamptons; in winter, it reverses course and mostly brings items from the Hamptons into the city.

Since many folks moved out East in early spring as a result of COVID-19, those rhythms have been disrupted in 2020 — and as a result, Candela’s business has boomed. 

Here’s what a typical summer weekend day looks like for her, catering to the countrified 1% during the pandemic.


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