Democrat College Students in NH Leaning Toward Bernie Sanders

Democrat and Democrat-leaning college students in New Hampshire are choosing Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as their candidate of choice, with Joe Biden (D) tying for fourth place, the Chegg/College Student Election Tracker released just days ahead of the Granite State’s February 11 primary found.

According to the survey, taken Feb 3-7, 2020, among 222 Democrat and Democrat-leaning college students, Sanders is leading the field in New Hampshire with 35 percent support. Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) trails by nine percent, garnering 26 percent support.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) came in third place with 11 percent support, followed by Andrew Yang (D) and Biden, both of whom saw nine percent support each. The margin of error is +/- 6 percent, taking Sanders’ lead outside of statistical error.

However, Sanders’ lead in New Hampshire is slimmer than his overwhelming national lead among college students, where he is currently seeing 47 percent support.

No other candidate comes close on the national scale among college students, with Warren coming in a distant second with 19 percent support. Yang, Buttigieg, and Biden follow with 13 percent, eight percent, and seven percent, respectively.

Sanders is largely relying on young voter turnout, which was seen in the Iowa caucuses despite relatively lower turnout across the board. About 176,000 Iowans participated in Monday’s caucuses — roughly 5,000 more than in 2016. However, it paled in comparison to the numbers seen in 2008, which saw 238,000 Iowans participating in the caucuses.

“I’m very proud that in Iowa, we won the popular vote by 6,000 votes,” Sanders said during the Democrat debate on Friday.

“What was most significant, most significant is we increased voter turnout for young people under 29 by over 30 percent,” he continued. “We do that nationally, we’re going to defeat Donald Trump.”


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