Democrat Presidential Hopefuls Discuss Their Celebrity Crushes

Select Democrat presidential hopefuls sat down with the New York Times this week for a series of questions, such as which celebrity they have a crush on.

Those that took part in answering the Times‘ “Do you have a celebrity crush” question included former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg; former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg; Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN); Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA); tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang, and billionaire Tom Steyer.

In no particular order, here are the White House hopefuls’ responses to the Times question:

Michael Bloomberg: “You know, a couple of actresses that I like, a couple of actors that I think are really good. My favorite actress and actor, Laura Dern and William Macy who starred in a movie that I produced called Focus based on an Arthur Miller book.”

Pete Buttigieg: “Um, not for the New York Times to know about.”

Amy Klobuchar: “Yes. Prince. I know he’s not with us anymore, which is one of the most biggest tragedies of opioids. But Prince is an icon. Not only is his music incredible, and anyone that hasn’t watched him in his Superbowl halftime show in the rain, go check it out right now instead of watching me.”

“He had this independence and this love for his art and stood up for his art in a way a lot of people don’t get to,” Klobuchar added. “Everyone in Minnesota has their favorite Prince song. Mine is Purple Rain and everyone remembers when they first heard that he died. So, I pick him as my celebrity crush because he lives on.”

Elizabeth Warren: “Oh, I do. The Rock”

Questioned on “what he has going for him” by a Times employee, Warren responded, “Oh, what’s he got going for him? That’s only a question a man would ask.”

“The Rock. Come on,” Warren added with a grin. “Just look at that man. He’s eye candy.”

Warren previously expressed her affection for Dwayne Johnson in 2018 when she shared a photo of a signed script from him with the caption reading, “Happy birthday to my favorite actor and not-so-secret crush @TheRock! I keep this on my desk in Washington to remember to stay ballin’.”

Andrew Yang: “I’m a happily married man. I think my wife’s a star and I’ve got a big crush on her. Crushing on you, Evelyn.”

Tom Steyer: “The Grammy’s are this week, right? Alicia Keys is going to be hosting the Grammy’s again and she is somebody who I really think is a fantastic artist and a really good person. There’s some people out there, she just springs to mind because of the week. There’s some incredibly talented people out here who are also committed to social justice and being good citizens.”

“When that happens, when you see that combination, you kind of have to take your hat of to them,” Steyer added. “And Alicia Keys is definitely one of those people.”


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