Doctors urge holidaymakers to act with “extreme caution” over second Covid-19 wave fears

Doctors have urged staycation Brits to take precautions amid fears coronavirus will spread when domestic tourism finally restarts.

They have pleaded with holidaymakers to practice social distancing ahead of the tourism industry reopening next weekend.

The British Medical Association (BMA) has set out guidelines for people in England, who will be allowed to visit hotels, bed and breakfast facilities and campsites from July 4.

The BMA has advised people not to travel if they are ill or have any Covid-19 symptoms

Chair of the BMA public health medicine committee Dr Peter English called on tourism providers and local authorities to consider how they can help mitigate the risk of the virus spreading and urged holidaymakers to act with “extreme caution”.

Dr English said: “Covid-19 still poses a substantial risk to the public and to the NHS and so as we move forward, we must do so with extreme caution and do all we can to prevent a potential second wave.”

It comes as thousands have flocked to beaches and beauty spots on Thursday – the hottest day of the year so far – prompting a major incident to be declared in Bournemouth.

The BMA has advised people not to travel if they are ill or have any Covid-19 symptoms, including a cough, temperature or loss of smell or taste.

The doctors’ union has also said holidaymakers should be prepared to self-isolate for 14 days if anyone in their “bubble” develops symptoms or is told to do so by the NHS Test and Trace service.

Those who take prescribed medicines should make sure they have enough to last their trip and everyone should practice social distancing and hand washing on holiday.

The BMA has also encouraged people to wear a face covering when mixing with people from outside their “bubble” indoors.

Dr Lucy-Jane Davis, chair of the BMA south west regional council, stressed that tourism hotspots in the region have limited NHS resources compared with the number of visitors anticipated.

She said it is “vital” that politicians, tourism operators and NHS leaders consider all the risks before July 4, and that an effective contact-tracing system is in place before then.


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