Floyd Mayweather’s Tokyo Opponent Is Michael Jordan of Kickboxing, Says RIZIN Star

Floyd Mayweather

Tokyo Opponent Is M.J. Of Kickboxing

… Says RIZIN Star

11/22/2018 12:05 AM PST


Floyd Mayweather was right to back out of his MMA fight with Tenshin Nasukawa … ’cause the kid’s the Michael Jordan of kickboxing and Floyd woulda got his ass beat — so says a RIZIN star.

TMZ Sports spoke with Daron Cruickshank — who was set to be on the same fight card as Floyd and Tenshin in their NYE tilt in Tokyo — and he tells us Tenshin’s no joke on the mat.

“He’s like the Michael Jordan, over there, of kickboxing,” Cruickshank says.

Of course … Floyd bailed on the fight initially in part because he thought it was understood it would be solely a boxing match.

But … Mayweather says the fight might be back on now that he’s made sure it’ll be hands ONLY.

Daron says that’s a smart move by Money … saying Floyd woulda gotten SMOKED if they allowed Tenshin’s feet to get involved.

“If they did a kickboxing match, I think Tenshin would win. If they did a regular kickboxing match, Tenshin would win.”

“But, in a boxing match, I don’t think he would stand a chance.”

Luckily for all of us … it looks like we might get to see it go down after all — ’cause Floyd says, “We’re gonna make it happen.”

As for Daron … he tells us he still wants in on that fight card if they do!!

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