Facebook’s augmented reality glasses will be amazing – Video

These are the top five reasons why Facebook’s AR Glasses are the greatest idea in the history of the world.
According to CNBC, Facebook is working with Ray-Ban On augmented reality glasses in its labs of great ideas.
The report says that Facebook will change the world somewhere between 2023 and 2025.
Let’s get to it.
At number five, Facebook’s AI assistant will be better than Amazon’s or Google’s.
The CNBC report says an AI assistant will be used as a UI for the glasses code named Orion.
As we all know, Facebook’s motto was, move fast and break things.
They changed that because they move fast and make all kinds of amazing things that work all the time.
As we’ve also seen it it’s very easy to make your own AI assistant.
Look at the wild success of Samsung’s Bixby and Microsoft’s Cortana.
improvements are also easily made right Siri, any schmuck can make an AI assistant.
Facebook will surpass everybody’s wildest dreams.
I can hear it now, people activating their Facebook AI assistant.
By saying “Zuck on.” and deactivating it by saying “Zuck off.” Coming in at number 4, wearable technology is the future.
Everywhere I go I see people wearing VR headsets, smart watches, shoes with sensors and even fitness trackers built into belts.
Glasses are the perfect form factor for the next wearable technology.
They are discreet no one ever notices.
I wear glasses.
Sorry if I just shocked you with that.
Having data right in your line of sight definitely won’t cause any issues with everyday life.
Also, people’s eyes need more exercise.
If there’s data on the top right of a lens, just shift your eyes like so.
See, my eyes are getting a workout.
Building ocular muscles, baby.
At number 3, the world is aching for more Facebook hardware.
The HTC First phone was a smash success.
It had Facebook Home built right in.
Your home screen had Facebook images.
It was the best thing ever.
HTC can thank Facebook for making sure HTC is still the leader in smartphones.
Then there are the awe inspiring Facebook portals.
Facebook saw a need and filled it.
What do people do with Facebook?
They upload pictures and have chats.
What if there was a device that you paid Facebook for and it had a camera on it.
And what if it also had lots of microphones so Facebook could listen to your needs?
That is what made the portals.
The market leader and dedicated video chat phone thing is coming in at number two privacy.
Facebook has built a reputation as a trusted company.
When you put your data on Facebook, you know it’s in Facebook’s vault where no one else gets access to it.
If you want your information share You have to opt in by allowing permissions.
The Orion glasses are supposed to replace phones.
So that means you can take and make calls.
You know that Facebook will not use any data it collects from your voice calls for advertising purposes.
That’s because Facebook and privacy are like peanut butter and pickles.
Cause, a match made in heaven.
And the number one reason Facebook’s AR Glasses will be the world’s greatest thing, is that people have been clamoring for Facebook on their faces.
You know what’s really important in life?
Is it friends?
Is it family?
Is it pets?
No, what’s important is Facebook.
Honestly, I don’t know how you’re watching this video unless you have Facebook open elsewhere at the same time.
We need to see Facebook feeds and all the things shared on Facebook all the time on our faces, in our eyes This is also great for our neck health.
You can seriously hurt your neck by constantly looking down at your phone or a computer.
It’s called Tech Neck.
It’s a real thing.
We all need to have our necks healthy.
When these glasses come out, I can have an aligned spine and never miss a second of Facebook stuff.
How many of you are excited about augmented reality glasses?
Well, I can’t hear you so please leave a comment here or Tweet me I’m @Iyaz and I’m also here


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