Fred Olsen’s new fleet to come together for first time at special event in 2021

Fred. Olsen is set to host a special event next year where all four ships in its new fleet will come together.

Cruise ships Bolette, Borealis, Balmoral and Braemar will all be docked in Lisbon, Portugal, on the 22nd October 2021.

It will mark the first time that the four ships will be in the same place.

The Four Ladies in Lisbon event will include plenty of fun events and surprises for passengers, as well as the chance to explore the various ships and, of course, Lisbon.

It’s the third event of this nature that the cruise line is hosting, with previous celebrations having included a treasure hunt, inter-ship contests and live music.

Fred. Olsen has changed up its fleet this year, after the pandemic forced it to retire ships Boudicca and Black Watch. Instead, Borealis and Bolette joined the fleet and, moving forward, will be taking on the itineraries of the retired ships.

Fred Olsen's Braemar
Fred Olsen’s Braemar

Clare Ward, Director of Product and Customer Service, said: ” Our fleet get-togethers are always incredibly exciting, both for us and for our guests. This one will be even more so as it will be the first time our new-look fleet will be together after setting sail again, and the first time that our guests will be able to see them all together for themselves.”

Fred Olsen's cruise ship Borealis

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the cruise industry, with sailings cancelled and new ship launches delayed, as the FCDO continues to advise Brits against cruise ship travel.

Fred. Olsen is looking to have three ships ‘back in the water’ in March and April 2021 – Braemar, along with new ships Bolette and Borealis.

Fred Olsen's cruise ship Bolette
Fred Olsen’s cruise ship Bolette

The cruise line says it plans to have cruise ship Balmoral sailing sooner, although no exact date has yet been confirmed.

If you have a holiday booked with the company, the cruise line has set up a dedicated coronavirus updates page with answers to frequently asked questions.

You should also check out the FCO’s latest cruise travel advice which is being regularly reviewed and updated throughout the pandemic.


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