Friends intentionally create ‘world’s worst Airbnb’ – but still get bookings

A group of friends who felt let down by a previous Airbnb booking decided to try and create the worst possible accommodation offering on the site – but said they still get an “insane” number of enquires.

The trio of Rhys Simmons, Jamie Kamaz and Hitchin run the ‘ Passion Squad ‘ YouTube channel, uploading videos showcasing their pranks and quirky content.

They decided to set up the ‘world’s worst’ Airbnb, consisting of a mattress, bedside table, lamp and two glasses of water in the middle of a north London field.

And incredibly they say they’ve received a remarkable amount of interest in their Airbnb ‘property’ and could have turned a profit if they had taken punters up on their hilarious requests for a stayover.

The advert boasts of easy access to wildlife

One perspective guest jokingly asked if the room comes with air conditioning

The online description read: “This is inspired by one of the most exquisite and unique hotels in Europe. It has got easy access to wildlife, some fresh air, and peace.”

Rhys, from Enfield, London, said: “Myself and some mates came together to create the worst Airbnb ever seen.

“We gathered together a load of items we found on Facebook for free to assemble a terrible Airbnb experience.

“But to our surprise when we uploaded this thing on to Airbnb, we had an insane amount of interest for people to come and stay within our establishment.

“We were not pleased with the previous price on our last Airbnb stay, so we decided to take it upon ourselves to make our own.

“It led us to create what is almost defiantly the worst Airbnb ever created.

“This was an insane accomplishment. To create the worst Airbnb in the world and then get a crazy amount of requests to stay is something that we will never forget.

“You never know, we may have to open this thing up for full-time business.”


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