Garmin Instinct GPS watches are on sale for up to $60 off on Amazon

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Released last October, Garmin's Instinct line of GPS watches is made for adventurers.
Released last October, Garmin’s Instinct line of GPS watches is made for adventurers.

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TL;DR: Garmin’s Instinct line of GPS watches is on sale on Amazon, saving you up to 20% depending on the color variant you choose.

Quick: How much do you think it costs to max out the new Apple Watch Series 5 with all available upgrades and accessories?

If you guessed “$1,749,” please come collect your prize. 

According to Mashable’s tech team, that’s how much you’ll pay for Apple’s brand new wearable (out today!) if you add cellular connectivity, a white ceramic case, and a space black stainless steel band to the larger 44mm model. Whew.

Of course, you don’t have to add all of those fancy features to the Apple Watch Series 5. (Maybe you do; I don’t know you.) But even $399 — the base price of the 40mm model — might be enough to make you clutch your wallet in fear.

For an affordable alternative, we suggest deferring to another major player in the smartwatch game: Garmin. While the brand is probably best known for its car navigation systems, it also makes several styles of wearables and fitness trackers that are highly rated for their value, durability, and long battery lives. Several models are actually on sale on Amazon right now, including the Garmin Instinct outdoor GPS watch, which you can score for up to 20% off depending on the color you choose.

Garmin Instinct GPS watches are on sale for up to $60 off on Amazon

If the Apple Watch Series 5 is a plucky little Arabian showhorse, the Garmin Instinct is one of those burly Clydesdales you see in Budweiser commercials: strong, sturdy, and strapping. It was released in October 2018 and billed as an ideal sidekick for outdoor adventures, having been constructed with materials that meet military standards for thermal, shock and water resistance. 

Function-wise, the Garmin Instinct is specifically designed for “challenging environments” that require cutting-edge navigation tools. As such, it’s been equipped with a built-in three-axis compass, a barometric altimeter, and support for several global satellite systems (including GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo). 

For less intense escapades, you can also use the Garmin Instinct as a regular ol’ health and fitness tracker: It features tools for monitoring your estimated heart rate, activity, and stress as well as preloaded activity profiles that can help you train. What’s more, it’ll keep you connected with smart notifications from compatible devices.

The Garmin Instinct typically retails for $299.99, but you can get the following styles for less on Amazon right now:


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