Going paws-on with a robotic cat that listens to your commands (sometimes) – Video

Sometimes after a hard day at CES, you just need a little robot to cuddle with, you know what I’m saying?
We’ve all been there.
You’ve heard of robot dogs, but now cat lover, There’s also a companion robot for you.
This is the Mars cat, a bionic cat, a fully autonomous robot cat pets that is possible to own this year.
This is from a company called Elephant Robotics and it’s not as polished as something you’d see.
Seen from Sona’s eyeball but it shows where we’re going with companion robots.
There are sensors on here that can see the people are coming up to it.
It can react.
It has its own personality and it just does different things roaming around the house.
What’s interesting about [UNKNOWN] Cat is it’s also programmable.
This little kitty’s still rough around the edges a bit, that’s because it’s a prototype.
They’ll have to smooth out a few things when it comes to the body.
Right, you get the general idea.
Meow to you, too.
Let’s talk a little bit about what Mars cat can actually do.
It has touch sensors on the top of the head, and at the bottom of his little chin.
The nose is a camera that can detect faces.
There’s also a microphone that can detect sound.
So it’s listening for voice commands.
So it’ll recognize about 20 different commands, which are programmable.
Things like come here, and leave me alone, whatever I can say.
And the way that you’re reacting to it, whether you’re speaking in high pitches, or saying things sternly, will start to shape the way that its personality develops.
Out of the box, so you might get a shy cat, you might get a really active cat, and it responds more positively and is more active with people who talk in more cutesy little ways, isn’t that right?
[SOUND] Yes, it’s meow, meow, I know, I know.
As it walks around and moves its head, its 16 servo motors and that’s a little bit less than what you see an IBO but still pretty impressive.
What I think is funny about the fact that they made a cat is that just like any other cat, you know it doesn’t have to listen to you so but doesn’t listen to you as part of the programming now isn’t it
And this robot cat can even play with cat The camera in front is looking for quick little motions, so that it detects a little cat toy, it’ll start to make noises and react to it.
Hello, hello.
Yes, go get it.
Go get it.
Jesse, see.
He likes it.
He likes it.
That’s right.
It’ll do different kinds of animations even putting paws up or kicking back the litter.
If you really want an authentic experience, maybe you can even put, Put a robot litter box out, I don’t know.
I don’t know, it’s up to you, because it’s programmable, it has a Raspberry Pie inside.
There’s a lot of different voice commands, you can say, run, walk, come here.
But you need a wake word, so you would say something like, hello, kitten.
Or Mars cat, wait a few seconds and say your command.
So it’s not always.
He’s listening.
But that way it helps it you know when you’re about to see a command.
There’s a lot still in development here.
You don’t have to charge it with a gourd in the future.
They’re working on a base station where the cat will just be able to find his base station and go up to it and sit in it.
For charging.
This is only the beginning for Mars cat when it comes to our pets of the future.
Like nobody’s also making a dog, pluto dogs, get it?
It’s hard to hear in the show floor, but he’s hurried and doing their sound and all the little key.
Yeah, here you go.
Funny, hi.
You wanna play?
You wanna play?
I mean, I don’t think cats shake hands.
Do cats shake hands?
At least I’m not allergic to this one.
You can really tell the different personalities here.
Our gray cat is a little lazy, and the white cat is more energetic, and he’s more my speed.
You’re my buddy.
You’re my good performing on camera buddy, aren’t ya?
You’re lazy, all right?
You only work when you wanna work, I don’t know, but I like you, yes, I do.
So, MarsCat isn’t quite ready to be the cat that roams around your house all day.
Well, I suppose it would do a lot of sleeping because the battery only lasts three hours, and to recharge it, you would have to put it on its back.
I’m sure you love this position.
And plug it into the charge.
So, it’s not quite there to be grandma’s companionship pets but for robot enthusiast, it could be perfect.
Wouldn’t you agree?
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