Haunted vacation rental houses on Airbnb and Vrbo: Salem, New Orleans

  • Looking to get your fill of paranormal activity this Halloween? We found vacation rentals on Airbnb and Vrbo that claim to be haunted.
  • Each listing is well-rated and comes rich with historic charm so even if you don’t see a ghost, you’ll still enjoy a great stay.
  • Our picks are found in spooky spots like Salem, New Orleans, and others, and range in price from $120 to $540 per night to start.
  • You might have trouble sleeping with thoughts of ghouls whirring through your head, but rest easy knowing experts consider private vacation rentals to be safer than hotels during COVID-19 as they reduce interaction with others.  
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Come Halloween season, some people are perfectly satisfied to pour a glass of wine, throw a log on the fire, and click “play” on a spooky flick.

Others would rather insert themselves into the real deal by signing up for eerie ghost tours or, more exhilarating yet, cozying up overnight in an allegedly haunted house or hotel.

I’m certainly in the latter camp. Though I’m far from a paranormal expert, I’ve always been drawn to eerie homes and locales and a spine-chilling ghost story. 

In fact, I once lived a creaky, historic house in Irvington, Indiana, an area with famous claims of haunted activity that’s named after Sleepy Hollow. I swore I felt the “presence” of a young boy, and once a chair scraped across the floor entirely on its own around midnight. A couple of years later, after moving away, I went on the Irvington ghost tour. The host stopped very close to the home I’d lived in and told us the story of a young boy that’d been murdered there. Full body chills. 

If you’re like me — unable to get your fill of catacombs, cemeteries, old houses, and ghost towns — perhaps you’re brave enough to stay the night at a possibly haunted house yourself. To make that easier, I combed vacation rental listings on Airbnb and Vrbo listings with claims by hosts or past guests of haunted goings-on, that also met the following criteria to ensure a top-notch stay, sighting or no:

  1. All listings are based in the US with at least some availability in October and through the winter, as of publishing, and priced between $12o and $540 to start.
  2. All are for private home rentals, with the exception of two standout room bookings. 
  3. The homes are historic with multiple reports of ghost sightings and other paranormal activity by hosts or past guests, as explicitly noted in the listing and/or review.
  4. I also reached out to hosts to elaborate on reports where possible, but, of course, we cannot validate any ghost claims. 
  5. Reviews are all 4.5 and above. We’ve afforded some slack regarding the wear and tear that comes with older homes.
  6. Each listing has COVID-19 sanitation protocols in place to ensure a safer experience for guests.

And if you’re wondering if travel is safe, experts consider private vacation homes, such as those on Airbnb, as one of the safer places to stay, especially when compared to hotels. This is because you are often booking an entire home protected from interaction with others.

Airbnb also announced rigorous new procedures including the Enhanced Cleaning Protocol, which includes guidelines on PPE, disinfectants, and waiting periods between guests.  

Of course, without a vaccine, there is no guarantee with regard to safety. It’s crucial to follow guidelines and advice from organizations such as the CDC and WHO, and practice safety measures including wearing a mask, washing your hands, and maintaining social distancing. Additionally, consider your own level of risk, and whether you’re traveling from or to a hotspot, so as not to increase the rate of infection.

It’s also worth noting that cleaning and service fees vary widely from one Airbnb to another, especially post-pandemic, and many homes are also enacting minimum night stays and strict cancellation policies.

Keep reading to book any of these haunted house vacation rentals on Airbnb and Vrbo, sorted by price from low to high.


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