Here’s how to *actually* get rid of pet hair in the laundry

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The FurZapper removes fur, hair, lint, and other debris.
The FurZapper removes fur, hair, lint, and other debris.

Image: FurZapper

TL;DR: Keep your clothes clean with a two-pack of the FurZapper® pet hair remover for $12.99, a 13% savings as of Oct. 25. 

How many hours of your life have you spent brushing pet hair from your couch, clothes, blankets, and every other surface of your home? If the answer is too many to count, you need a real solution to the problem of never-ending pet hair and dander.

Luckily, there actually is a solution that can free you from this cycle. The FurZapper pet hair remover is one of the easiest and most affordable solutions out there. All you do is toss the FurZapper into your washing machine to pull pet hair and dander from your clothes and fabrics. It really is that easy.

See how it works here:

The silicone FurZapper works by sticking to pet hair and debris. When you put it in the dryer, it heats up and becomes even stickier, so it’s able to collect lots of hair from your fabrics. Plus, each FurZapper is reusable, hypoallergenic, and safe for kids’ clothing. There’s no cleanup process after, either. It doesn’t fill up or clog with hair — just rinse it off when you’re finished.

Normally this a two-pack of FurZappers goes for close to $15. But for a limited time, you can score 13% off and get two for just $12.99. Try it out for yourself, or gift it to the pet lover in your life who always has pet hair on their pants. Someone has to tell them.


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