Here’s our first look at the PlayStation 5

Sony unveiled the PlayStation 5 at its “The Future of Gaming” livestream event Thursday, giving the world its first glimpse at what exactly we’ll be playing the next Spider-Man, God of War, and Knack games on, whenever they comes out.

Without further ado, here’s what the PlayStation 5 is going to look like:

Look at that sleek design, the way it curves and slopes. Unlike the more pillar-like look of the Xbox Series X or the hybrid design of the Nintendo Switch, the PS5 appears to be sticking to conventional console designs.

The controller that goes along with this beast, the DualSense, was revealed back in April with a slick, two-tone design that compliments the PS5.

There will also be a Digital Edition of the PS5 which does not include a disc tray for those who only play their games digitally.

The regular PS5 next to the PS5 Digital Edition.

The regular PS5 next to the PS5 Digital Edition.

Judging by the reveal, it seems like the PS5 must be stood up vertically, but there’s a possibility that users could remove the base and lay it flat with the left side down. It’s always nice to have that option.

Sony did not reveal a specific release date for the PlayStation 5 but did reiterate that it’s still going to be coming out in 2020.


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