Holidays booked at Thomas Cook travel agents have not necessarily been cancelled

Brits who booked a holiday through Thomas Cook travel agents may not necessarily be facing a cancelled holiday.

While Thomas Cook’s collapse has seen thousands of holidaymakers left with uncertainty over travel plans and cancelled holidays, if a holiday was booked through Thomas Cook for another operator it will not necessarily affected by the collapse.

UK travel association ABTA has warned holidaymakers to check the paperwork before they start to rebook another holiday or they may risk ending up with two valid holiday bookings, and may end up having to pay cancellation charges.

They have also advised Brits to contact the operator directly to find out if their holiday is going ahead and the next steps to take (some operators won’t have your contact details so it’s best to get in touch yourself).

For example, in the case of cruise holidays, a number of cruise lines have already said they will honour Thomas Cook bookings

There may be good news for some holidaymakers


A statement from ABTA explained: “ABTA is aware that some customers who made bookings where Thomas Cook was selling as an agent for other tour operators may assume that their holiday has been cancelled.

“This may not be the case. If the holiday was actually made by Thomas Cook with another tour operator, that operator may still be able to provide the holiday.

“Customers should ensure they carefully check all of their paperwork and contact the operator who will deal with them directly.

“If customers mistakenly rebook they may be in the position of having two valid bookings and they will be subject to cancellation charges for the holiday they do not take. Information clarifying this issue is prominently displayed on .”

Thomas Cook collapsed earlier this week


However if your holiday was a Thomas Cook package, then you will be affected by the company’s collapse.

We’ve got guides on what you need to know if you booked a package holiday , as well as what passengers need to know if they only booked flights with the firm .

Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is currently operating the largest peacetime repatriation for Brits stranded abroad, which will be running until Sunday 6th October.

You can find out more about the scheme and whether you’re eligible on


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