How to break up with Instagram – Video

Scrolling through your Instagram feed seems harmless until you realize you’ve wasted hours of time and feel worse about your life.
Time to take a break with a few easy steps.
For starters go into your phone set.
Settings and turn off all notifications and vibrations from the app.
These are distractions and can lure you back in despite your best efforts to stay away.
Use features on your phone or outside apps to monitor how much time you spend on social media.
Apple screen time or Android’s digital well being let you set daily time limits for all of your apps.
Especially valuable for social media.
Both of these services let you set time off boundaries between certain times and uncertain days.
This is valuable for evening time when you’re trying to wind down but also be useful during certain chunks of the day when you’re trying to be productive.
If those steps aren’t enough to reduce the amount of time you spend on social media, perhaps it’s time to temporarily disable or delete your Instagram account permanently.
But before you do, be sure to download all of your posts.
First, go to settings, then security and download data.
Request the download by entering your email address and you’ll receive a link to your data.
In San Francisco, I’m Kara Tsuboi, CNET for CBS News.


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