How to Get a Disneyland Annual Pass Refund Now That They’re Ending

This move has left the most die-hard fans of Disney’s parks with more uncertainty than they’re accustomed to. In the event that the park does reopen, former annual pass holders will no longer have priority access to the park. What’s more, a new version of the annual pass program is not expected until the pandemic recedes enough that Disneyland is able to get its attendance back to the levels it was at before the pandemic. 

In spite of these issues, Ken is looking on the bright side. “A nice part of this is creating a variety of different ways for people to access the park,” he said. “If they want to come every single day, do we have a program that allows them [to] do that? If they want to come midweek, do we have a program that allows them to do that?” 

Ken is hoping that the pandemic will allow them to shape a program that is better suited to Disneyland’s most ardent fans. 


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