How to read deleted WhatsApp messages?

Yes, there are apps that you can take a look at.

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  • There are applications that can help us avoid the uncomfortable moment of the question and keep us abreast of the subject of a canceled message.

Are you curious and would you love to know what the messages that your friends, family or partner, delete from the chat say before you can take a look at them? WhatsApp introduced the option to delete a message in its 2017 updates, and since then we have no choice but to ask.

However, there are applications that can help us avoid the awkward moment of the question and keep us abreast of the subject of the canceled message. If you miss them and you are curious or simply interested in knowing, we leave you some options:

WhatsApp Removed +:

This application is available on Google Play, when it detects a change, edition of a notification or deletion of a message, it will notify you and make a backup. For this to happen you must give him permission to access your conversations. It is important that you know that it only works with text messages, it does not backup images, videos or voice notes.


It is also in Google Play and saves notifications from your cell phone, which will allow you to read canceled WhatsApp messages. Like the previous one, it only works for texts.

For its part, in iOS it could be achieved by activating the backup of the platform messages, for this you will have to uninstall and install the application again.


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