Huawei unveils Mate 30 series phones – Video

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a Huawei Mate 30 and a Mate 30 Pro.
Rethink Possibilities
Let’s rethink the design.
You know in origination, our flagship smartphone, we’re leading the iconic design of this industry.
If the last year the mid 20 sales phone with our square metrics over the camera metrics leading the industry, the design of Iconic design
So today we bring new innovation.
We bring the exquisite halo ring design.
This design is inspired by a professional camera.
You can see these left side the lacquer camera is iconic professional We bring the really professional camera appearance on the smartphone and also with an iconic design.
If you see the shape of this phone, it’s also iconic as a cylinder, and the shape of this phone is very unique.
It’s pure and sleek.
And on the corner of this phone, you can see that we have streamlined the counterculture.
You have you to put a phone in your hand the comfortable so the corner is not sharp.
But this is a film that looks really sleek and the coach all the back you can see is 3D 3D glass.
The comfortability comfortable in your handle for your handle.
[SOUND] We bring a new type of display.
Horizon display.
Ultimate immersive viewing experience.
You can see the color from the edge.
You can see the display.
You can remake the screen display to borderless, to almost 90 degree.
It’s actually 88 degree.
The [UNKNOWN] edge to edge Design.
This screen.
We are using the 6.53 inch flex on a display with high resolution looking more than your eye can see.
And also introducing very high saturation and very high contrast ratio the display These effects of all the display and i still have all sorts of other new judging anti blue light which you achieved 25% less harmful blue light, and also introducing color enhancement with a cinematic color system you have you watch the video our photo morbidity with amazing color This horizon display display ratio is 18.4.
Tonight, if you look this ratio you may feel that this film is a little bit wider, but because of the culture, the bandleader the screen horizons display is a phone is still with large screen, but its new very come.
Compact, very slim and your hand and a mid 30.
Were also in the way you the more large screen 6.62 inch UGKRA the display, also with quite a high resolution and a four wheel display.
And it’s also supported very high color gamma, high conscious ratio.
And also support the ante blue light.
And also with color element.
This both mid 30 and a miserable have the best quality of display tech panel technology and even our mid 30 much larger screen 6.62 inch.
We even kind of chew 1.7 millimeter narrow.
So our battery large part of we larger battery, bigger battery maker is a more lighter because today’s smartphone is getting more and more heavy is a big burden for human beings.
Your hand is taking more long time, the mid 30.
We also reached a 2.8 millimeters I’m video that’s the same result of spreadsheet only 2.5 D not like that Mr.
Pro is a 3D glass 3D display that’s a 2.5 D but it was 2.8 millimeter, really much more compact and the head and the chin of this phone.
Also very compact.
You guys have made 30 wish to the four millimeter the top At the bottom and path of the chain is only four millimeters.
And you can see that denial this foam the top and bottom, all metal.
So visually, the head and the GU more compact, the most smaller because I’m talking about on the head of this phone is all the metal Metal on this.
The metal gives the phones more protection, my phone drop on the ground, but also it looks more sleek, more beautiful.
So in this a narrow notch is the industry, the sophisticated system inside the most significant notch in the world.
You not only have the Selfie camera, the ambient light and approximately the sensor but also using juice, 3D depth camera and also the first one in this unity to enjoy using the gesture sensor inside your notch.
We bring the simplicity and we bring the simplicity you will get rid of your look at the side of this phone.
Know the volume button.
We just by double touch.
Double touch the side, and then slide, you can change the volume.
Very conveniently.
No matter, left hand or right hand.
We both support.
You can, no matter left or right hand ise.
All kinds of stuff.
And also when you take selfie, I think selfie I can use this button for as a camera shutter button selfie, more community, I even can move.
You even can move the button.
[APPLAUSE] Made 34 is it 68 rate wasn’t supporting Amid 30 ip 53 later the key we are from the patent protection this is a classical black color this space CY and a Cosmic Purple is very unique color and this is a very ancient color because i’m emirate green This is a using new technologies.
You will see the bottom part of this, the phone is a matter.
no fingerprints on a bottoms pile.
But on top of this is a cozy.
So the gradient from the Mac to cozy, do you look the beauty of this But on the bottom pattern, no fingerprint.
As you’re sleeping.
So, not slippery.
As it is in your hand, feels very comfortable.
Three eye blowing, three new color, new model for this phone.
Because we can learn by edition.
This is the Vegan Leather Orange and this one is the Vegan Leather Forest Green.
The vegan leather and the glass and six color for your selection.
You know embedded in this phone, we have world’s most powerful 5G SoC chip set inside, the Kirin990.
Kiri nine it is the water first, using the water most of the monster semiconductor technology is a seven nanometer thing faster pass up technology and always have invented the most powerful AR processor MPO and also the most strong, powerful imaging signal processor IP inside And also is more importantly is the most powerful, the 5G modem inside you can support a new mode of 5G.
Today, these phones performance is the model you needed the performance, the high enough with modern you’re needed the performance but more importantly the power is easy.
It is the mist critical you can have with their phone.
Carry more longer, better life.
This phone, you can see it is very sophisticated and kind of see the inside.
The most of the other 5G antena they are inside.
21 antenna.
And now 15 5G antenna.
And also we have a leading dual SIM card 5G experience either either with a SIM card, while the SIM card of transport 5G SIM card one or two, but the SIM card you also can support the nano memory card expandable.
You can expand a more large capacity for storage.
Both these two phones without a super faster wireless charging 40 watt.
And are both made 30 and made 34.
We support a super fast wireless charging, 27 watt.
Now as you can see Rob great.
The new new technologies are YZ will charge you three times charging speed he has meant.
Today we’re introducing a new technology that bearing the new wireless in-car charger.
So why your hand that is a closer to that You saw that automatically open and that greeted, but he wanted to take the phone.
You had to close that.
You open that up so it’s running so smart.
Is running so smart.
You can see that.
It’s amazing.
Today you know falling in the US we partnership with the Lakha tobring the best mobile photography to everyone.
Today on May 30, we are using the super sensing camera already.
You can see that we are using the 14 megapixel large pixel, large sensor large pixel, super sensing, wide angle camera 14 mega view and also we are using a 16 megapixel, ultra-wide angle And also we have a technological optical and a laser focus.
So totally these four elements you have to know is is a 14 megapixel our ID sensor.
If we in the same size the sensor, our ID sensor compared with the RYYB sensor 40% more light intake.
But our sensor itself is much bigger than the others.
You can see this 125% larger than the others.
You will visit these large sensor and with our technology and our large, actual all these technologies together they achieved 170 37% The more light intake than other Flex forms Is this a mountain, a unit.
And upon probably the mid 30s [UNKNOWN] we have more advanced than the Super Sensing Cine Camera System.
You can see the inside when you introduce the do big piece of bigger sensor inside.
We are the first one in this industry to introduce the actual actual wide angle chinny camera in the smartphone together with a super sensing wide angle Do powerful sensor inside.
This is really amazing and also we have 3D depth sensing technology.
So we have do peak pixel big sensor inside, compared with other industry artifacts from the only have one small one, but we have to figure one that’s a big difference.
This is the Huawei made 30 Pro.
The [UNKNOWN] our first smartphone, we’ve dedicated a 14 mega pixel Cine Camera.
Which can have you take a 4K video, 60 frame per second.
And also with HDR plus spot and all support time lapse Redis John 4k time lapse and residual industry the highest ISO for the low life videography, over 51,000 over 7000 frames per second the outdoor slow motion [FOREIGN]


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