Someone Put This ‘Grow Baby’ Toy In Water And What Came Out Can’t Be Unseen

There’s something undeniably magical about toys when you’re a kid, especially the weirdly niche and gimmicky ones – and boy are there tons of those.

Mystery bag toys that dissolve in water so you don’t know what you get, offensive trading cards like Garbage Pail Kids, the Easy Bake Oven for boys, “Creepy Crawlers”… I mean shelves were filled with so many off-the-wall concepts and playful ideas that any kid walking through a toy store was bound to find the specific toy that spoke to them, no matter how weird.

For some reason, intentionally ugly and gross toys became a big thing to market to young boys when I was growing up. There was even a major video game release about a janitor-turned-superhero called “Boogerman,” who would literally flick boogers and fart.

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