Husband and wife flip vintage Airstreams, name them after famous women

Before starting on the renovation, Amy and Ed sat down to decide on a name. They chose ‘Roberta’ for Roberta Flack, who released her ‘Killing Me Softly’ album in 1973, the same year the trailer was made.

Roberta Killing Me Softly Album & Keys - Hudson Valley Airstream

Courtesy Amy Rosenfeld

The couple has named two other Airstreams after famous female singers. Their 1969 trailer is called ‘Janis,’ after Janis Joplin who performed in Woodstock that year. And they’re currently in the process of renovating a 1974 trailer named ‘Dolly‘ in honor of Dolly Parton’s album ‘Jolene.’

They named another trailer ‘Betty Jean‘ after a woman whose Polaroid picture they found inside.

“It’s a way of paying homage to the years that the Airstream is from, and also honoring women that we think are awesome,” Amy said of their naming system.


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