Interesting things you didn’t know about Breaking Bad

  • AMC’s “Breaking Bad” is a hit TV series that continues to be popular with fans.
  • Love for the show has resurfaced since the announcement of the upcoming film sequel, “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie,” which will debut on Netflix on October 11. 
  • From how the show’s production affected the city of Albuquerque to behind-the-scenes insights from the cast and crew, there are many things fans may be surprised to find out about the series. 
  • Warning: This post contains spoilers for “Breaking Bad.” 
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AMC’s “Breaking Bad” (2008-2013) is a legendary series that continues to be popular with fans both old and new.

It skyrocketed lead actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul to superstardom, sparked a majorly successful spin-off, “Better Call Saul,” and even spurred a new film sequel called “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie,” which is set to hit Netflix on October 11.

To tide you over until the film’s release, here are some surprising, fun facts that fans may not know about the hit series “Breaking Bad.” 


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