Jeffree Star Is Selling His Pink House for $3.6 Million — Details!

Jeffree’s decision to move came around the same time he and his longtime partner Nathan announced their split. Nathan had been a staple of Jeffree’s channel, with the duo making many videos together and sharing photos online.

While their split had initially seemed amicable, later Jeffree revealed that their falling out was messy and he was taking the time to heal. He moved houses about four months after their breakup.

Jeffree’s decision to move was in part due to the change in his life, but also simply because he said he was running out of room. 

“I had no room to put anything,” he said in a video, according to People. “With two dogs passing this year, we were ready for a change. When I saw this place online, my head was like ‘Oh my God, this is a dream.’”

Jeffree shared a tour of his new $14 million house in a few YouTube videos both before and after he and Nathan split.


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