Jet2 to issue part refunds to customers whose Spain holidays have been cut short

Jet2 has confirmed it will issue part refunds to customers whose Spain holidays have been cut short.

The tour operator has cut short customers’ holidays and is evacuating them from Spain after the Foreign Office issued a travel ban.

However, the FCO specifically told Brits on holiday in Spain not to “cut short” their visit.

Low-cost airlines easyJet and Ryanair continue to fly to and from the country.

Families have been told they have until August 4 to rebook their flight home.

Furious holidaymakers who were enjoying a sunshine break were sent emails and texts notifying them that their return flight was not operating any longer.

Are you a Jet2 customer? Have you been asked to return home early? Email us at [email protected]

Jet2 customers are furious

They were told to rebook flights up to and including August 3 with many furious customers now complaining they’re facing sky-high costs to return home.

Jet2 are urgently sending empty fleets of planes to pick up holidaymakers.

The travel firm has confirmed to that they will give a part refund to holidaymakers who booked a package holiday with them and will contact them “to resolve any issues”.

For customers who had booked flights only, Jet2 will refund the original flight plus the difference between the new flight within 28 days.

However, they will not be compensating for lost holiday days and have advised those customers to speak to their relevant travel providers.

A Jet2 spokesperson said: “We have cancelled and refunded the cost of the original inbound flights, and customers can book another flight should they wish.

“In the event that there is an increased cost, customers can get in touch with us with their booking information and we will issue a refund of the difference.

“For other costs, these customers need to pick up with relevant providers or through their travel insurance.”

The shock moves to bring holidaymakers home comes just days after it suspended flights to the Balearics and Canaries until August 10, and to mainland Spain until August 17 following the Foreign Office advising against all non-essential travel to the country.

The tour operator has agreed to refund customers

The UK’s biggest tour operator TUI has also cancelled flights but has not made arrangements to fly home customers already in Spain.

One fuming Jet2 holidaymaker tweeted: “I’m currently in Menorca, Spain. Jet 2 have abandoned us, want more money, cost increasing every minute to bring us home.

“Kids in tears. Had to pay €719 extra for flights a week earlier than planned.”

Another traveller added: “Flight booked home from Menorca next Tuesday (4th).

People have been told to book a flight home before August 4

“Cancelled by text and suggested we rebook for an earlier flight that was more expensive and also happened to be full… not sure how we (4 adults and 6 kids) get home next week!”

One customer tweeted: “Currently in Lanzarote supposed to be for 11 nights , got a text yesterday saying flights been cancelled and put us on a flight for Sunday coming which we will lose 4 nights of our holiday , JET2 saying we will not be refunded for last 4 Nights?”

He continued: “Also told us that our hotel has been cancelled for they remaining nights so you are keeping our money and told not eligible for a refund.”

One holidaymaker said their family of five “had been left to make their own arrangements” after their return flight from Palma was axed.

An email she shared states: “We’re sorry that your flight to the UK is no longer going ahead.

Jet customers claim they have been ‘abandoned’ by the travel firm

“Please see the details of your affected booking below.

“We’ll refund the cost of your affected flight. This will be credited to the card you paid with in the next 28 days

“Please note that you’ll automatically be sent documentation that may seem irrelevant to the transaction above. 

“This is part of a process we can’t change at the moment while we’re focusing on dealing with the high volume of affected bookings.

“If you’d like to book an alternative flight, we have flights available until 3 August 2020.”

Brits returning to the UK from mainland Spain, the Canary Islands or Balearics have to self-isolate for 14 days.


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