Jim Carrey returned to ‘SNL’ to absolutely nail the role of the fly on Mike Pence’s head

It wasn’t a matter of if Saturday Night Live would riff on the fly that landed on vice president Mike Pence’s head during last week’s debate with Kamala Harris, but how. 

Saturday’s new episode began with a 12-minute cold open that brilliantly captured into the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s running mates, with Maya Rudolph as Senator Harris and Beck Bennett as Vice President Pence. 

It was packed with riffs on the toilet paper shortage and President Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis, but it really took off about midway through. That’s when Jim Carrey appeared as Joe Biden, who comes up with a scheme to sabotage Pence that involves teleportation. No spoilers, but the veteran comedian at one point plays an elderly presidential candidate and 1980s Jeff Goldblum and a fly, all at the same time. That’s talent.


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