John Humprys says he is ‘not a fan’ of Boris Johnson and did not vote for him

Veteran broadcaster John Humphrys has revealed he is “not a fan” of Boris Johnson and did not vote for the Tory leader to become Prime Minister.

The former Today show presenter said that “apart from anything else” he does not trust Mr Johnson and believed he was failing to deliver.

Mr Humphrys, a presenter on BBC Radio 4’s flagship programme for more than 30 years, admitted Margaret Thatcher was the PM who most impressed him during interviews.

He has previously had to keep tight-lipped over his views due to BBC impartiality rules, but is free to speak his mind after stepping down last year.

During an interview with Times Radio, he was asked whether he had voted for the current PM last December.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is ‘not too good’ at keeping his promises, John Humphrys claimed

“No, I didn’t vote for Johnson,” he said. “I’ve not been a fan of Johnson… I can say that now, I couldn’t say that a year ago, could I?

“I don’t trust him. Apart from anything else, I don’t trust him and you have to be able to trust politicians.”

The journalist, 76, claimed the PM was not “too good” at delivering on his promises.

He said: “There’s a lovely old Welsh expression, I’m not allowed to use it because this is public broadcasting, but he’s full of something; something and wind. He’s great at the bluster bit but he’s not too good when it comes to delivering.”

John Humphrys presented BBC Radio 4’s flagship Today programme for more than 30 years

The Mastermind presenter said he could not see that the Conservative Party leader had “gained” from his upbringing and private school education.

“His background is, for somebody like me… a working class boy and all that, anathema,” he added.

“You know, he had all the benefits, all the advantages of going to the finest school in the world, if that’s what Eton really is… and a wonderful university, all the rest of it. I can’t quite see what he gained from all that. He’s not a man I hugely admire, let’s put it like that.”

But he said it was “complete rubbish” that he had a dislike for all politicians.

He added: “I mean, they are people and some of them are jolly good people who go into politics to try to make the world a better place.

“And some of them are tossers, just like the rest of the human race.”


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