Jon Ossoff wins Georgia Dem U.S. Senate primary outright, avoids runoff

  • Jon Ossoff won Georgia’s Democratic primary for US Senate outright, avoiding an August runoff. 
  • Ossoff defeated Teresa Tomlinson, the former mayor of Columbus, Georgia, and trucking executive Sarah Riggs Amico for the nomination. 
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The stakes:

Jon Ossoff won the Democratic primary for US Senate in Georgia outright, avoiding an August 11 runoff. He’ll face Republican Sen. David Purdue in November.  

Ossoff, a documentary filmmaker and the 2017 Democratic nominee for the special election in Georgia’s 6th district, which he ultimately lost, was the frontrunner for the Senate race in fundraising and endorsements. 

Ossoff defeated Teresa Tomlinson, the former mayor of Columbus, Georgia, trucking executive and 2018 lieutenant gubernatorial nominee Sarah Riggs Amico, and civil rights attorney Maya Dillard Smith. 

As of the most recent campaign finance reports, Ossoff had $950,000 in cash on hand, far outpacing his opponents in the Democratic primary but significantly behind Purdue, who has $9.37 million in cash on hand. 

Ossoff has also secured the endorsement of long-time Georgia Reps. John Lewis and Hank Johnson, in addition to several members of the Georgia legislature. Tomlinson had a significant number of Georgia legislators backing her, while Riggs Amico has secured endorsements from many Georgia labor unions. 

Georgia is a runoff state, meaning that if no one candidate cleared the field with over 50% of the vote in Tuesday’s primary taking place today, the race would have gone to a runoff between the top two vote-getters on August 11. 


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