Left Wingers Blunder Over Prince’s Death

Left Wingers Blunder Over Prince’s Death

Following mass-criticism, Corbyn has now deleted the tweet he posted nine minutes after Prince Philip’s death, calling on followers to join him in a show of solidarity with Bolivia. Corbyn wasn’t the only member of the left to misstep over the Duke’s passing…

Guido has been sent screenshots from inside the Labour MPs’ office managers WhatsApp chat, in which Jay Glover (Alison McGovern’s office manager), described the forthcoming Commons Monday recall for tributes to the Prince as a “ninety minute circle jerk of what a great man he was…” Mohammad Yassin’s office manager Gen McMahon added “It’s going to be intolerable”. It was Lloyd Russell-Moyle’s manager, of all people, who reminded those shooting their mouths off that “it’s a large group”.

Nia Griffith MP, like Corbyn, also tweeted a now-deleted post, regarding a DVLA strike rally. Claudia Webbe is, by contrast, standing firm in her use of Prince Philip’s death to call on the government to “invest in young people, reopen youth provisions and youth centres everywhere”. Tactful. 

Admittedly, no MP has been as outspoken as the West Berkshire branch of the Unison union, who upon hearing the news came out with:

They couldn’t even wait until he was buried…

UPDATE: 2 hours and 45 minutes later, Corbyn finally comes out with a statement:


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