‘Let the People Decide’ Next President

After House Democrats spent almost 24 hours presenting their argument for impeaching President Donald Trump and removing him from his duly elected office, Trump’s legal team took just two hours to present facts that they said “completely collapse” the Democrats’ case against him and that Americans should decide who will be president in 2020.

“You heard a lot of facts they didn’t tell you,” White House Counsel Pat Cipollone said. “Facts that are critical.”

“Facts that they know completely collapse their case on facts,” Cipollone said. “You heard a lot from them… they will not talk to you about the facts.”

“That is all we have done today,” Cipollone said. “And ask yourself, given the facts you heard today that they didn’t tell you, who doesn’t want to talk about the facts?”

‘The American people paid a lot of money for those facts,” Cipollone said. “They paid a lot of money for this investigation.”

“Impeachment shouldn’t be a shell game,” Cipollone said. “They should give you the facts.”

Cipollone said his remarks would conclude the GOP’s case until Monday and then turned the tables by accusing the House Democrats of “abuse of power” “to do what they are asking [the Senate] to do.”

“To stop an election, interfere in an election and remove the president of the United States from the ballot,” Cipollone said. “Let the people decide for themselves.”

“That’s what the founders wanted,” Cipollone said. “That’s what we all should want.”

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