***Live Updates*** Trump Impeachment Trial: Closing Arguments

President Donald Trump’s legal team and the House managers will make their closing arguments on Monday before Wednesday afternoon’s acquittal vote.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern .

12:01 PM: After Schiff defends him staff from “attacks,” he quotes Elijah Cummings about standing up to “lawlessness” and “tyranny.” He claims the managers are not there representing just themselves and the House. Schiff, like other Democrats who are speaking to future liberal historians, quotes Lincoln’s Cooper Union speech and urges the Senate to convict Trump on both articles and remove Trump.

The Senate will take a 30-minute lunch break after Schiff reserves the balance of their time.

11:45 AM: Jeffries warns Senators of the “new normal” if they acquit Trump like he has done throughout the trial over and over and over again. He says with Trump, “past is prologue,” and asks the Senators what message acquitting Trump will send to America’s allies around the world. He says they will be telling them that “America’s national security is for sale” and brings up John McCain and “moral courage.”

11:26 AM: Demings now up to rehash all of Trump’s “abuses of power” and the timeline. She says Trump “ordered a massive cover-up unprecedented in American history” after his “scheme” got exposed. Demings says Trump remains unapologetic, and Trump’s “constitutional crimes” against the American people “remain in progress.” She now goes over the “totality of the president’s misconduct” all of the ways Trump, with Giuliani’s help, tried to “cheat” to win in 2020 by pressuring Ukraine to investigate the Bidens.

Demings claims the managers have presented “overwhelming” evidence that Trump has committed “grave” abuses of power then throws in a reference to Bolton’s upcoming book. Demings also says only a “guilty” person like Trump would want to prevent witnesses from testifying and withhold documents.

11:09 AM: Crow will lead off for the House managers. McConnell says Senate will take a break after they are done.

Crow begins by speaking about Daniel Webster’s March 7th speech and the Compromise of 1850. Crow says Webster was wrong about the Compromise not leading to secession but right about putting trust in the Senate. Crow again says impeachment will not overturn the last election and interfered in the next. He again rips Dershowitz for arguing that “if something is in the president’s interests, it is in the interests of the American people.” He says you don’t have to be Constitutional scholars to know this argument (the president is the state) is at odds with democracy/history.

11:01 AM: Chief Justice John Roberts should soon gavel in the Senate.

10:55 AM: Dem. Senators would rather be doing retail politics in Iowa.


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