Lizzo synced up perfectly to Disney’s classic ‘The Aristocats’

It looks like Cats has some competition.

A fan-made mash-up bringing together “Truth Hurts” and Disney’s 1970 classic, The Aristocats was good enough to earn a shout and a share from Lizzo herself.

The video comes from fan Brendan Carey, who first shared it on Friday on his Instagram. It’s not clear when Lizzo first saw it, but Carey, a self-described Lizzbian, was clearly thrilled, breaking a two-year Twitter hiatus to interact with well-wishers and re-tweet this:

It looks like Carey applied a little editing magic to make his mash-up work, but the result is all kinds of wonderful. The Aristocats isn’t as well known as other Disney favorites, but it’s a cartoon rom-com (not really, but also yes) about singing cats. It’s good. It’s not this.


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