Lots of decent mid-size TVs for cheap

Need guidance at a glance? These are our favorite TV deals from Walmart, Best Buy, Dell, and Amazon as of Oct. 23:

Any other year, this season would have us in a mad scramble to get a Halloween costume lined up. This year, Black Friday is living rent-free in our minds.

Considering it’s officially just five weeks away, it’s not too early to zero in on deals that we think might already be at Black Friday pricing. The TV market is seeing a ton of TVs on sale this weekend (most deals are not where they were for Prime Day, but that’s expected.) Dell and Walmart, who released Black Friday ad scans last week, are in the midst of pre-Black Friday sales events.

Here are our favorite TV deals from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Dell, organized by brand, then size, then price:


OUR TOP PICK: — $947.99 (save $352)

The Frame is still on sale from Prime Day. We’re just as surprised as you are. Samsung’s 4K TV that doubles as a living piece of art has the internet totally obsessed. But Samsung’s coolest TV is also known to be expensive, running you the price of a mid-size TV for a wee 32-inch buddy. The chance to snag the 50-inch version for less than $1,000 doesn’t come around often ().

Other great Samsung deals:

  • — $799.99 (save $200)

  • — $1,499.99 (save $500 plus get a $500 Samsung credit)

  • — $897.99 (save $100)

  • — $1,499.99 (save $200)

  • ) — $2,299.99 (save $1,200)

  • — $849.99 (save $150)

  • — $3,299.99 (save $1,000)

  • — $5,199.99 (save $1,300)

  • — $2,599.99 (save $700)

  • — $467.99 (save $132)

  • — $777.99 (save $222)

  • — $1,097.99 (save $402)

  • — $1,477.99 (save $502)

  • — $2,177.99 (save $802)


OUR TOP PICK: — $499.99 (save $50)

If you’re looking for a solid, affordable, and appropriately-sized-for-a-tiny-apartment 4K TV, one of LG’s most recent takes on entry-level 4K gets you AI-enhanced sound, upscaled contrast and clarity, and control over your smart home devices. A $50 discount certainly isn’t the biggest on the list, though it’s hard to really cut a price that’s already so low in the first place.

Other great LG deals:


OUR TOP PICK: — $3,499 (save $3,500

The 77-inch version of Sony’s 2019 A9G line has officially hit the 50% off mark at Dell (thanks to the extra $1,000 off compared to the sale price we saw .) Even with that huge discount, it’s still not exactly the cheapest 77-inch out there — but cinephiles who are wasting away due to missing movie theaters deserve this viewing quality in their living room. This OLED masterpiece is armed with Sony’s “best processor ever” and uses Acoustic Surface Audio+ sound to bring concert hall-like sound to each scene.

Other great Sony deals:

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