Lufthansa trials ‘sleeper rows’ in economy cabin where passengers can get a bed

Lufthansa is testing new ‘sleeper rows’ in its economy cabin, where passengers can get a row of three or four seats, which can be subsequently transformed into a bed.

It’s not just a case of getting the seats – passengers will also be given a soft topper mattress, cushion and blanket for extra comfort.

The Sleeper Rows would be used on long-haul flights, with the airline currently testing them out on flights between Frankfurt and Sao Paulo until mid/end December.

The way it works is that passengers who have booked onto one of the flights will be given the option to upgrade to a sleeper row when the check-in, or at the gate.

Lufthansa is currently trialling the new sleeper rows

This means they can bag a row of three or four seats to themselves for the entire flight, not to mention they’ll get extra perks such as boarding the plane first.

Prices for the upgrade will be £196 one way, and passengers won’t be able to book in advance.

It’s currently very much in the early stages of testing, but the Lufthansa Group has said that depending on customer feedback, it could look to rolling out the offering on more destinations across its network.

At the moment most economy cabins don’t offer beds for passengers on long-haul journeys. Although you can push your seat back, there’s not very much space not to mention that it means less space for the person behind you. (Then of course there are those unwritten rules on a flight around when it’s acceptable to recline your seat).

A Lufthansa plane
A Lufthansa plane

The good news is that in recent years there have been more designs emerging as firms look for new solutions for passengers flying long-haul in economy seats. After all, getting a good sleep on a long-haul flight can make a huge difference especially when it comes to fending off jet lag.

For example, one design firm unveiled a double decker layout which would allow all passengers to have a bed, while earlier this year Air New Zealand unveiled designs for economy cabin ‘pods’ complete with beds.

These are all very much in the process of being designed – so for now, we’ll have to stick to some top tips for sleeping on a flight especially for long-haul journeys.


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