Map tracks novel coronavirus spread in countries around the world

The coronavirus has spread to more than 180 countries since it was first identified in Wuhan, China, at the end of last year.

The Chinese government placed Wuhan and many other cities in the Hubei province under lockdown in late January, but cases had already been exported to other regions of China and other countries by then.

This animated map shows which countries confirmed coronavirus patients — and when — after China reported its first case.

The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic on March 11.

As the rise in new COVID-19 cases has slowed in China, outbreaks in other countries have grown. Far more people outside of China than inside have caught the coronavirus and died. The death tolls in Italy and Spain have each surpassed China’s.

On the morning of January 20, the virus had spread to four countries: China, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. The US reported its first case later that day.

COVID 19 map January 20

Ruobing Su/Business Insider

By February 15, 28 countries had reported cases of COVID-19, and the death toll had surpassed that of 2003’s SARS epidemic.

COVID-19 map Feb 15

Ruobing Su/Business Insider

By March 25, almost all countries in the world had reported cases.

Map of countries with COVID March 25

Ruobing Su/Business Insider

As of Wednesday, 183 countries have COVID-19 patients. 

More than 495,000 coronavirus cases have been reported worldwide, and more than 22,000 people have died. 

Here’s a full world map of cases and deaths:


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