Microsoft Surface event 2019: Leaks, how to watch, rumors

Surface Pro 7 leak

A leaked image of the Surface Pro 7. 


Microsoft surprised the tech industry when, in 2012, it announced the first Surface hybrid tablet. Until then, Microsoft had primarily been a software company, with the exception of its Xbox video game console and some phones. Now, seven years later, the Microsoft Surface Pro is still well-regarded for its tablet-like slim form, keyboard cover and digital stylus pen.

This year, the company’s expected to announce new updates to its Surface laptops, but it may have other surprises up its sleeve. The company is ready to reignite its efforts to sell low-power laptops and tablets, according to one rumor from Wccftech and the French blog Frandroid. Microsoft has also been rumored to be preparing a dual-screen laptop, not unlike its popular Courier concept from nearly a decade ago. Here’s every Surface leak so far. 

Either way, it appears Microsoft has a bit more planned than the typical speed and battery life upgrades we see out of most laptops these days.

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What to expect at Microsoft’s Surface event


  • Microsoft’s event will start in New York at 10 a.m. ET / 7 a.m. PT / 3 p.m. UK.

Where to watch the live stream

The event will be livestreamed on Microsoft’s website.

What we can expect Microsoft to announce

Rumors are swirling around new laptops, particularly low-power laptops with long lasting batteries. There isn’t as much talk about a possible Surface Phone, but that’s been rumored for quite a while.


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