Cannabis Companies Embrace Pride Month

In a month to celebrate diversity, purveyors of weed find a common cause with the LBGQT+ community.

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One of the nicer things we see in the cannabis community is the eagerness to team up with other worthy causes when opportunities present themselves. In this spirit, several cannabis companies are embracing LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month. 

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Pride Pack

Through a partnership with GLAAD, Lowell Herb Co. is collaborating with artist Gina Rodriguez of Letter Shoppe on a piece of art that comes free with any purchase of the Lowell Pride Pack during the month of June. “Lowell wanted to go a step beyond monetary donation to GLAAD by personally supporting someone within the LGBTQ community,” says Libby Dolan, Lowell Communications Coordinator. “Dina is an entrepreneurial, cannabis-positive illustrator who also identifies as LGBTQ, and we’re grateful we could support her small business and uplift the LGBTQ community by utilizing and highlighting her talent.”

It’s the first time that GLAAD has worked with a cannabis company, and Dolan sees a kindred spirit. “Cannabis use is still considered deviant. We say this not to compare or minimize others’ struggles, but as we push to normalize our industry within society, we want to help other groups do the same,” she says.

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Image Credit: Mr. Moxey’s

Pride Pastilles

Cannabis brand, Mr. Moxey’s are celebrating Pride with their Proud Peppermint PRIDE Pastilles,100mg CBD + 50mg THC mints, in a rainbow tin. Mr. Moxey’s is donating $1 per tin sold and matching partnerships with participating dispensaries. Every dollar raised goes directly to programs that support the community.

“The limited edition Pride tin is rooted in our belief that, just as so many people helped us in our fight to legalize cannabis, it is our responsibility to embrace and support other movements that seek to gain equality and improve lives in the world, says Tim Moxey, co-founder, Mr. Moxey’ Mints.


California dispensary Blüm is teaming with goodbrands to produce #PassforPride and BlumProudly ad campaign featuring an all LGBTQ+ cast of talent and photographers. “If I see cannabis ads that do not reflect me, I’m not going to spend my money there,” says Javier Mayer, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Canndescent/goodbrands.  “As an industry, we can be scared of looking ‘weird,’ but we can’t ignore our drag queens, our transgendered and non-binary activists. They helped us get to where we are now.”


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