New Amazon Echo Studio available to pre-order for £189.99 (UK deal)

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Five speakers combine to produce a powerful bass, dynamic midrange, and crisp highs.
Five speakers combine to produce a powerful bass, dynamic midrange, and crisp highs.

Image: Amazon

TL;DR: The powerful Echo Studio smart speaker is available to pre-order for £189.99 on Amazon, and will be released on Nov. 7.

Amazon has released a lot of new devices. Seriously, it’s slightly overwhelming just how many have suddenly been dropped into our laps. It feels like we needed more warning, or for them to be drip-fed into the world one by one.

We’re not going to go through the new devices one by one, because nobody has the time for that. Instead, we’re going to introduce you to the new Echo Studio smart speaker. This clever product creates an immersive three-dimensional soundscape, apparently, and wraps you in studio-quality audio from every direction. 

You can still ask Alexa to play music, read the news, and answer questions, but the five speakers make the difference, producing a sound that can’t be matched by the other smart speakers in Amazon’s range. The Echo Studio automatically senses the acoustics of your space, and fine-tunes the playback for optimal sound. This is one for the audiophiles.

You can now pre-order the new Echo Studio smart speaker for £189.99 on Amazon, before it’s released on Nov. 7. This way you can make sure you are one of the first to experience this new level of sound.

Now that introductions are over, it’s time to pre-order.



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