‘New Girl’ Actor Lamorne Morris Restrained, Handcuffed Outside Club

Actor Lamorne Morris was restrained and handcuffed Saturday night outside of a Hollywood club after he filmed the police arresting his friend.

The incident, which features the New Girl star sparring with police, was captured on video by a bystander outside Avenue, on Cahuenga Boulevard, late Saturday evening. Morris’ friend could be seen in the video with a bleeding face.

In the video, Morris can be heard telling the officer that his friend is innocent and claimed his friend had been attacked. As he continued to film, Morris was forced against the wall and placed in handcuffs.

“Now they’re arresting me,” Morris said in the video as another officer approaches the scene.

“I play a fucking cop on TV and this is how you treat me,” Morris questioned.

Morris was ultimatley released, but discussed the matter with TMZ, saying the ordeal was “fucking whack.”

“It’s so fucking whack, man, that’s crazy to me,” Morris told TMZ. “They walked up to the nigga bleeding out the mouth and they put him in handcuffs. And I go, ‘wait, somebody hit him in the mouth!’ And they go, ‘well, someone said that he started something.’”

Morris insisted that he was only trying to inform the police of who originally instigated the fight.

“We are half a block away from the fucking spot,” Morris said. “But you ain’t questioning nobody else? And the only other person you put in cuffs is the guy recording you? Alright.”

“They just put me in cuffs because he said I ain’t give him enough space,” Morris added. “He said, ‘You didn’t give me five feet.’ I said, ‘bro, I’m right here! That’s ten feet!’”

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