New Yorker Suspends Jeffrey Toobin for Exposing Self on Zoom

The New Yorker suspended reporter Jeffrey Toobin for exposed himself during a Zoom call last week with New Yorker and WNYC radio members, sources tell VICE.

Natalie Raabe, a press representative for the New Yorker, confirmed Toobin has been suspended but did not explicitly state the reason behind the decision.

“Jeffrey Toobin has been suspended while we investigate the matter,” Raabe said.

However, Toobin seemingly confirmed that exposing himself was the motivation behind the suspension, though he claimed it was merely an accident.

“I made an embarrassingly stupid mistake, believing I was off-camera. I apologize to my wife, family, friends, and co-workers,” he told Motherboard in a statement.

Vice further notes: “Toobin’s Conde Nast email has been disabled and he has not tweeted since October 13.”

Toobin is also the chief legal analyst for CNN and reportedly appeared on the network Saturday. CNN has not commented on the matter.


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