GOP Rep. Rogers: I Want Dems to ‘Keep Running Their Mouths’ — ‘It’s Going to Help Us Get the Majority Back’

During an appearance on Huntsville, AL radio’s WVNN on Wednesday, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) said he was hopeful that his Democratic colleagues in the House of Representatives continued with their full-court press against President Donald Trump.

According to the Alabama Republican, who also serves as the ranking Republican member of the House Homeland Security Committee, rhetoric and actions from House Democrats will turn off voters in suburban districts where Republican incumbents struggled in 2018 and make it possible for GOP challengers to defeat the Democratic Party incumbents in 2020.

That he argued would lead to Republicans retaking the House in 2020.

“Thank goodness – I’m hoping that they keep it up,” Rogers said. “I want them to keep running their mouths because it’s going to help us get the majority back in the next election. You got to realize we lost the majority in suburban districts around large cities, very moderate districts. And they voted our members out – not because anything Congress had done. They were mad at the president. They felt like his language, and his rhetoric was too divisive and inflammatory. And they were sending him a message. They didn’t like it, and they want him to stop. So, we lost the house.”

“We had 33 seats in suburban districts that Trump carried that we lost,” he continued. “We lost them all by very narrow margins but lost them. Well, that’s the bad news from our perspective. The good news is that this new Democrat majority that is so extreme in their positions – this antisemitic talk that they’ve been doing from the floor is just outrageous. This impeachment talk that they’re talking about – it is upsetting. The very moderate districts in suburban areas that voted against Trump for this behavior – we are going to make that message very clear for the candidates we’re challenging with in the next election that the very majority they put up here is worse than Donald Trump.”

“So, we have a chance to get it back if they keep being so extreme,” Rogers added. “And definitely if they bring an impeachment vote, I’ll guarantee you we’ll get the House back because we made that stupid mistake. I wasn’t here, but the Republicans did when Clinton was in office, and it backfired big time on them.”

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