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Butlins delays opening until July 23 blaming Boris Johnson for ‘lack of clarity’

Butlins has delayed reopening until July 23 blaming Boris Johnson for ‘lack of clarity’. The.

Boris Johnson warned “keep your promises” to the North and close wealth divide

Boris Johnson must come good on vows to end the North-South divide in his plans.

Green light for foreign holidays as Boris Johnson relaxes border quarantine rules

Summer holidays abroad were given the green light tonight as Boris Johnson prepared to lift.

Boris Johnson outlines easing of lockdown measures in England | UK News

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the two-metre (6.6-foot) distancing rule will be revised.

Boris Johnson says pubs, restaurants, cinemas in England reopen in July

The coronavirus lockdown in England will be dramatically loosened from July 4. Pubs, restaurants, cinemas.

Boris Johnson vows to restore long-haul flights to save summer holidays

Boris Johnson is reportedly looking to restore long-haul flights between the UK and far-flung countries.

Boris Johnson prepares new laws designed to prevent foreign takeovers

The UK risks further escalating tensions with China by preparing tough new laws to prevent.

Boris Johnson’s aide Dominic Cummings broke lockdown rules, say police

Boris Johnson’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings did break lockdown rules, an investigation by Durham Police.

‘Nothing but soundbites’: UK PM Boris Johnson left isolated | News

London, United Kingdom – The United Kingdom has one of the world’s worst per capita.

Boris Johnson says ‘air bridges’ could remove need to quarantine by end of June

Boris Johnson has given hope to millions of Brits desperate to book a summer holiday.

Fury as MPs get just 20 minutes to grill Boris Johnson on Dominic Cummings

Senior MPs are furious after being told they will only have 20 minutes to grill.

Pharmacies and chemists issue coronavirus cash crisis warning to Boris Johnson

Local chemists battling rising costs would have been better off shutting their doors during the.

Boris Johnson confirms primary schools will reopen on June 1

Boris Johnson has confirmed schools in England will start to reopen on June 1. The.

Mark Steel: Boris Johnson will never match up to idol Winston Churchill – Mark Steel

One of the marvellous qualities of our Prime Minister is he keeps a playful sense.

Caravan parks plea to Boris Johnson to open on June 1 or fear shutting for good

Caravan parks across England are pleading with Boris Johnson to let them open on June.

Boris Johnson: Coronavirus vaccine ‘might not come to fruition’ | News

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says there might never be a vaccine for COVID-19 despite.

Government’s coronavirus approval rating plunges as city leaders blast Boris Johnson

The government’s approval rating over coronavirus has plunged as regional anger mounts at Boris Johnson’s.

Boris Johnson wants UK back to ‘near-normality’ by July in ‘fast-track’ lockdown exit

The Prime Minister has reportedly suggested he wants the UK to return to “near-normality” by.

PM Boris Johnson forced to clarify UK lockdown advice | News

In his first statement to Parliament on the coronavirus pandemic, months after the beginning of.

Boris Johnson confirms 14 day quarantine for travellers arriving in UK

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that all travellers arriving in the UK will be.

Voice of the Mirror: Boris Johnson seems to value nation’s wealth above its health – Voice of the Mirror

Boris Johnson was slow to respond to the coronavius danger and has undeniably mishandled the.

Everything you need to know about lockdown now Boris Johnson has ‘loosened it’

People in England will be allowed more time and freedom outdoors from this week after.

Boris Johnson reveals ‘road map’ to phase out UK coronavirus lockdown

Boris Johnson reveals his plans to phase out the UK coronavirus lockdown. Outdoor activities will.

Coronavirus: The 9 biggest changes we can expect from Boris Johnson’s announcement

Boris Johnson is set to address the nation to detail his plan to ease the.

Boris Johnson issues update on six coronavirus rules ahead of lockdown speech

Boris Johnson has tweeted out six updated coronavirus rules ahead of his long-awaited lockdown speech..

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