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Kamala Harris Takes the Spotlight, a Moment for Her and History

But even the toughest campaign in California doesn’t approach what it’s like battling on a.

DNC day 3: Kamala Harris, Obama, Clinton, Warren to speak | News

The Democratic Party will make history tonight when it formally nominates Kamala Harris to stand.

Kamala Harris: Ready for ‘lies, deception’ in Trump campaign attacks

In an interview with theGrio Saturday, Sen. Kamala Harris of California said she expects that.

‘Black America Isn’t Fooled by Kamala Harris Nomination’

Black conservative Christian leader Dr. Deborah De Sousa Owens says the Biden campaign’s choice of.

How Kamala Harris’s Family in India Helped Shape Her Values

CHENNAI, India — One of Senator Kamala Harris’s brightest childhood memories was walking down the.

CNN Claims, Without Evidence, Trump ‘Promoted’ Kamala Harris Birther Theory

CNN claimed on Sunday that President Donald Trump had “promote[d]” the “birther lie” that Sen..

NBA Fires Photographer Who Posted Offensive Kamala Harris Meme

The NBA has fired a photo contractor who shared a Kamala Harris meme on social.

Trump refuses to state Kamala Harris is eligible to serve as VP

President Donald Trump refused to state definitively that Kamala Harris is eligible to serve as.

Kanye West Congratulates Kamala Harris Despite Running Against Her

Kanye West gave a belated shout-out to Kamala Harris, but he’s not gonna vote for.

Kamala Harris Changes the Race While Trump Tells on Himself

Welcome to our weekly analysis of the state of the 2020 campaign. The week in.

We read Kamala Harris’ books. They go deeper than her Wikipedia page.

Immediately after Kamala Harris was announced as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential nominee, the race was.

Rudy Giuliani Rips ‘Bully’ Kamala Harris as a ‘Horrible Prosecutor’

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Friday called Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) a.

Marge Simpson Fires Back at Trump Advisor for Kamala Harris Dig

Play video content The Simpsons Marge Simpson’s known for her patient and loving demeanor, but.

Howard Univ. Prez Says Kamala Harris Inspires Students on Both Sides of Aisle

Play video content Exclusive Howard University’s president says Sen. Kamala Harris can have a.

The Climate Danger of Kamala Harris’ Prison Labor Legacy

Senator Kamala Harris, the running mate for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, speaks during a.

Kamala Harris Raked in Cash from Big Tech During Democrat Primary

During the 2020 Democrat presidential primary, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) was bestowed with the most.

Trump Encourages Racist Conspiracy Theory About Kamala Harris

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Thursday encouraged a racist conspiracy theory that is rampant among.

Celebrities Join ‘We Have Kamala Harris’s Back’ Campaign to Pressure Media to Protect Her from ‘Sexist Political Attacks’

Hollywood stars are joining forces with the Time’s Up movement for the “We Have Kamala.

5 Takeaways From Kamala Harris’s First Full Day on the Biden Ticket

When Joseph R. Biden Jr. dialed up Senator Kamala Harris on a videoconference call and.

Kamala Harris Believed Tara Reade Until Her Campaign Died

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) expressed belief in the veracity of accusations of sexual assault against.

Jimmy Fallon’s latest Trump impression mocks the president’s reaction to Kamala Harris

The Republican reaction to Joe Biden’s newly announced running mate, Kamala Harris, has been somewhat.

Why Mike Pence Should Be Worried About Debating Kamala Harris

The story of the political career of Kamala Harris can be told, in part, by.

Kamala Harris Claims Virus ‘Worse’ in U.S.

CLAIM: “This virus has impacted almost every country. But there’s a reason it has hit.

Kamala Harris ‘Will Be Running the Show’ if Joe Biden Is Elected

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is the “poster child for political opportunism,” said Sen. Marsha Blackburn.

Joe Biden Intros Kamala Harris as VP Running Mate, First Speech is Epic

Play video content Breaking News Joe Biden just introduced his new running mate, Sen. Kamala.

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