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Donald Trump Plays Video of Joe Biden on Defunding Police

President Donald Trump continued playing videos of former Vice President Joe Biden’s worst moments on.

Brad Pitt Narrates World Series Ad Painting Joe Biden as Bipartisan Unifier

Actor Brad Pitt has thrown all the way down for Joe Biden, voicing an ad.

Joe Biden Calls Pennsylvania Voters Who Don’t Support Him ‘Chumps’

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) referred to his opponents as “chumps” while delivering remarks.

Joe Biden Had Close Ties With Police Leaders. Will They Help Him Now?

The challenges to come would dwarf that episode by orders of magnitude. The lethal shooting.

Joe Biden Avoids Wage-Raise Policy

Joe Biden’s open-borders migration policy ignores the obvious way for the government to help Americans.

Bill Cassidy Torches Joe Biden’s Plan to Shut Down Oil, Natural Gas

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview on Friday that former.

Joe Biden Jokingly Calls Trump Abraham Lincoln During Debates

Joe Biden (D) appeared to jokingly call President Trump “Abraham Lincoln” during a discussion on.

Donald Trump, Joe Biden Face Off in Final Presidential Debate

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will face off in the final.

President Trump, Joe Biden’s Negative Tests Trigger Plexiglass Barriers’ Removal

The gloves were already off, but now the sneeze guards are down for the final.

Joe Biden Possible Assassination Plot by N.C. Man Busted with Guns, Explosives

Breaking News A North Carolina man may have been plotting the assassination of Joe Biden.

Joe Biden: 'America Was an Idea'

“America was an idea.” Former Vice President Joe Biden tweeted that statement Wednesday evening, describing.

Joe Biden Claims ‘No Basis’ for Hunter Biden Accusations; Cites Romney, Clapper, Brennan

Former Vice President Joe Biden told a Wisconsin reporter Tuesday evening that there is “no.

Joe Biden Should Trade His Buildings Plan for a Green New Deal

“When Biden said, ‘the Green New Deal is not my plan,’ he wasn’t lying,” the.

Joe Biden, Donald Trump Statistically Tied

President Donald Trump and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden are statistically tied in Florida, a.

2020 Election: Where Donald Trump, Joe Biden stand on policy issues

With Election Day looming, the fight over the COVID-19 pandemic and the ways it’s roiled.

The Big Role That Big Donors Still Play, Quietly, for Joe Biden

In the 2020 primary, Mr. Biden opened up all his fund-raisers to a small group.

Donald Trump Mocks Joe Biden for Time off Campaign Trail: 'They Put the Lid on It'

The president responded to the news that Biden would not do any campaign events until.

Joe Biden Walks Off When Questioned About FBI Seizing Son’s Laptop

Joe Biden is still refusing to discuss an exposé by the New York Post alleging.

If Joe Biden Is Elected, ‘Christmas Season Will Be Canceled’

President Donald Trump on Sunday warned supporters that if former Vice President Joe Biden wins.

Why These Voters Rejected Hillary Clinton but Are Backing Joe Biden

Interviews with dozens of voters, union members and Democratic strategists reveal a party embracing Mr..

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris enlist cats to help them defeat Trump

Presidential candidate Joe Biden and running-mate Kamala Harris are taking all the help they can.

Joe Biden’s Non-Radical 1960s – The New York Times

Joseph R. Biden Jr. marched into adulthood in Bass Weejuns penny loafers. He was known.

Mister Rogers’ Son Agrees Joe Biden’s Like the TV Icon, Says it’s a Compliment

Exclusive It’s a beautiful day to be Joe Biden, because he’s being compared to Fred.

Hunter Biden Had ‘United Nations of Corruption’ and Joe Biden Was ‘the Planet’ It Moved Around

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Breitbart News senior contributor and Government.

Joe Biden Cannot Protect His Own Campaign from Coronavirus

Democrat vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris was forced to suspend campaign travel after her own communications.

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